The Coherent Framework of The Body

What Is Trame?

French Pronunciation – tram. In English, this translates to framework, used in the context of weaving. 

Trame is understood as the energetic pathways that weaves the body by holding all the cells together in a structure where the information that flows dictates to the cells their place and function. So long as information flows freely health is expressed.

Trame is based on the concept that energy flows throughout the body which is the source of optimal health. When this free-flowing energy is reduces or blocked due to suppressed or unresolved emotional issues, it becomes the source of illness causing physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

This technique clears, aligns and harmonises the body energetic pathways clearing what is in the way of the body’s natural expression of health, joy and wellbeing.


"As a result of my series of Trame treatments, the weakness and discomfort in my left knee was resolved. Also, the discomfort and range of motion in my left arm has improved. Most amazingly physically, is that my lower back pain has disappeared. I have had chronic mild back pain for many years. A few days after my first session, I noticed it was gone and remains so as I write this five months later. "


We have all faced different emotional experiences in life. Most of the time we work through our challenges and move on. Sometimes we are faced with instances that are too big to process such as trauma or loss and there are other situations where thoughts and words are suppressed due to an inability to be expressed. When the emotion is stifled or suppressed it gets stored into the subconscious which really means it stays stuck in the body.

When the circulation of information on the framework is altered or distorted it leads to physical, mental or emotional disorders.

To illustrate this, imagine shaking the end of a carpet laying on the ground. The initial movement creates a sine wave that moves across the carpet. This wave is comparable to the circulation of information within the body.

Suppose now that the information on the Trame is blocked by a rock or object. This object can be the result of an accident, a trauma or a buildup of unresolved emotion that manifest and causes a break in the continuity of the wave like a stone on a carpet.

Starting from the obstacles, the information is altered perhaps even absent. The cells which do not receive information no longer receives the order of coherence and are left to rely on their own. It is in this disorganization we see the emergence of a number of dysfunctions in the organs along with other disorders.

To re-establish harmony or coherence, the block must be countered with a slightly greater energy by shaking the carpet slightly more vigorously to remove the obstacle or source of interference.

Harmony is also established by bringing coherence and regularity which is really a constant rhythm. A choir may sing out of tune however, in the presence of a conductor are guided to sing on cue and the results would be harmonious and pleasant.

Harmony is not a metaphysical notion. It is really physical. When all the parts are in coherence, the energy is much greater and more pertinent.

Everyone would gain from a Trame session as a Tune Up to reinstate harmony to the vibration and currents of information that flow through the body. Trame Therapy offers a new alternative to bring relief to people.

The information on this site has been inspired by the teachings of

Patrick Burensteinas

Creator of La Trame Vibrational Therapy

Author, international speaker and trainer, Patrick Burensteinas is known for his enthusiasm and ability to popularize the doctrine and concepts of Alchemy, and for creating La Trame Vibrational Therapy.