The principle


Trame: The coherent framework of the body

Trame is a french word that translates as Weft in English but can be understood as the coherent framework of the body.  Tra = Wave . A wave that creates a Framework for a structure.

Our body is composed of over 60 trillion cells. Have you ever wondered what keeps everything in place? How come the liver cells do not mix with the bones? Why do the cells of the body stay in place and maintain their specific function?

If we took a cell from the body and nourished it directly, it would happily live outside the body. So the questions is,  why does it stay? How come the body does not decompose in it’s living but rather decomposes only in death?

All of these questions have an answer.

trame quadrillageOur body is held in a coherence framework – a quantum grid which circulates information to each cell dictating its position and function. This grid which consists of vertical, horizontal and transverse lines provides the framework that organizes the cells of the organism. This framework is what we refer to as the Trame.

This circulation of information on the Trame allows for coherence in cell cohabitation and cooperation so that all cells can live and make live the community of different elements that make up the organism.



As a result of my series of Trame treatments, the weakness and discomfort in my left knee was resolved. Also, the discomfort and range of motion in my left arm has improved. Most amazingly physically, is that my lower back pain has disappeared. I have had chronic mild back pain for many years. A few days after my first session, I noticed it was gone and remains so as I write this five months later.


 In our universe, in the here and now, information circulates in sine wave formation.

 This wave pattern occurs often in nature, including ocean waves, sound waves, and light waves.

 To illustrate this, imagine shaking the end of a carpet laying on the ground. The initial movement creates a sine wave form that moves across the carpet. This wave is comparable to the circulation of information within the body. A vibration that carries source information to the cells.


trame000Suppose now that the information on the Trame is blocked by an obstacle resulting from an accident, a trauma or a buildup of emotion that causes a break in the continuity of the wave like a stone on a carpet.

 Starting from the obstacles, the information is altered perhaps even absent. The cells which do not receive information no longer receives the order of coherence and are left to rely on their own. It is in this disorganization we see the emergence of a number of dysfunctions in the organs along with other disorders.






To re-establish harmony or coherence, the block must be countered with a slightly greater energy by increasing amplitude, that is shaking the carpet slightly more vigorously to remove the obstacle or source of interference.




sine wave incoherenceWhat makes a sine wave coherent is its regularity, or constant rhythm. Imagine a choir where all the singers sing as they please. It would sound more like noise.


The wave to represent this would be chaotic.




sine wave




However, if the choir conductor was present, all the singers would be guided to sing on cue and the results would be harmonious creating a sine wave.




Harmony is not a metaphysical notion. It is really physical. When everyone is in coherence, the energy is much greater and more pertinent.


sine wave light vs beamA laser beam vs a lamp light.


Everyone would gain by harmonizing his or her body so the energy that circulates within in an unaltered direct passage as possible and the information can go where it needs to go.


Trame Therapy offers a new alternative to bring relief to people.






When the circulation of information on the framework is altered or disrupted, it will lead to physical, mental or emotional disorders.


At birth, each Trame has a unique frequency signature. As life happens there are factors that affect and alter this frequency.


Emotions are an important cause for any disturbance to the Trame. Emotions are forms of energy we create. The body possesses three mechanisms for processing or eliminating the emotion.


  • Thermic: the heating or cooling effect
  • Dynamic: movement
  • Excretion: the excretion of salt through tears and sweat.


It is natural for the body to disperse the emotional energy that is created by fear, sadness, joy, etc. You may have experienced how the body immediately attempts to disperse emotions by making you cry or sweat, heat up or become agitated.


If we spend as much energy as we fabricate, all is good.


If for some reason we cannot express an emotion, maybe it is not possible or the emotional charge is too great such as in cases of trauma, as a last resort the body will crystallise this energy and store it in the body. This excess energy takes up real-estate in the body and will interfere with the circulation of energy on the trame. This is the beginning of dysfunction and disorders of all kinds. At first it may appear as inflammation, eruptions, or redness that may appear. Later an excess of tension may lead to mechanical breakdown of the organism.


Different pathology occurs when the trame is in disharmony, causing irregularities in the vibration of the sine wave.


To make a parallel, even on the scale of a city, this phenomenon exists. As long as the number of vehicles is reasonable, the circulation on the roads is fluid, however, if the number of vehicles increases too much, there will be a slowdown and blocks will occur where the circulation stops at a stands still. This is what we refer to as “blocks and knots” in the vibrational framework of the Trame.




Trame rejuvination therapy works in a holistic way to remove the cause of the dysfunction giving a person  a better quality of life.


Trame works at eliminating disturbances on various plans :


  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Relational


Noticeable physical benefits noted :


  • Decreased pain
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Relief from tensions
  • It may also slow down progression of disease in a person (Alzheimer, cancer, fibromyalgia, etc)
  • Improved body alignment and physical balance
  • Decreased recovery time


Noticeable psychological benefits noted :


• Evacuation of excess stored emotions
• Improved concentration and clarity of thought
• Improved relationships
• Increased self confidence
• Mitigation of depression and anxiety
• Greater ability to manage crisis situations