Weaving The Pieces Together

Weaving the Pieces Together is not just a book about Trame Therapy, it is an invitation…an invitation to live your best life.  The six authors of this book have woven their voices and their stories together to bring you a message of healing and of freedom.  Through each of their experiences both as receivers and as Trame practitioners, they wish to share with you a deeper understanding of how we exist in this world and to reveal to you how simply we can let go of what no longer serves us in order to shift from separation to unity, from chaos to order.

The authors will take you on a journey through the creation and history of this revolutionary natural healing method. It’s connection with Alchemy and Quantum Physics;  It’s approach and power in addressing life challenges and emotional issues. You will be taken on a journey into the depths of Trame through personal stories and real life testimonials.

Weaving the Pieces Together is an indispensable tool for anyone looking for answers, whether they be personal, spiritual, practical or scientific. This book will not just deliver the answers, but weave them into your being. Weaving the Pieces Together is your invitation to a life of peace, resilience and vitality.

Alda Bejdo

Alda Bejdo has always been passionate about figuring out this thing called Life, how our brains work and uncovering how to make moments of bliss and flow last. Through this inquiry, she came upon a unique and powerful Vibrational Therapy called La Trame. After one session, feeling lighter, more joyful, and simply in alignment, she decided in 2017 to pursue studying Trame therapy. Now, as a certified Trame Practitioner Alda loves helping others have the same results she did and bringing bliss into their lives.

Marise Foster

Marise has been on a quest for health and happiness her whole life which has evolved into a passion for understanding what it means to be human and live an extra-ordinary life. Her work is about helping others do the same—so they can live joyfully, with vitality and self-expression. After going through her own personal (and sometimes painful) awakenings and deep healing, she has committed her life to be of service to others guiding people towards greater vitality, inner peace and clarity of mind. As an international best seller author, teacher & lecturer, she is excited to work with individuals and groups on their quest for self-discovery and personal wellbeing.
She is humbled and honoured to be trained by great masters that walk this earth including Patrick Burensteinas who she acknowledges for his commitment and contribution to this gift he shares so generously. As a fellow student, her journey of discoveries continues her along on an ever-deepening path to greater listening and learning and expanding her understanding of human and spiritual embodiment. Marise was born in California, raised in Montreal, Quebec and now lives in the greater Toronto Area in Ontario with her two children.

Elyza Maennlings

Raised in Rogersville New Brunswick Elyza credits her small town upbringing for her heartfelt interest in people from all walks of life.  Having lived in Asia and Europe, she now resides in British Colombia but it is the relationships she has cultivated that are her most cherished treasures and keepsakes from her travels.  She has been practicing Trame since 2009 and continues to enjoy the marvels of Trame, both as a practitioner and as a receiver.

Murielle Bollen

Murielle Bollen is the author of “The Taste of Becoming Me – Imagine That Cancer Is Not the End, But the Beginning… – A journey of healing, courage, and discovering the true Taste of Life”. She is also a licensed Practitioner of Trame Therapy, a traveler, a shaman at heart and a cancer survivor.
Her cancer diagnosis propelled her on the most important journey of her life – the journey of searching for her true self and loving this self unconditionally. It became a journey of deep healing and of discovering a taste of life that is more phenomenal than she ever could have imagined. She believes that everybody deserves to be offered the opportunity to become who they are meant to be, to love themselves unconditionally and taste life to the fullest. She found that true healing has to happen from the inside out and therefore made it her purpose to share her knowledge, her experience and her intuitive wisdom with the world.
While originally from Belgium, she has lived in Canada and the US and has now settled for the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.

Madeleine Chevrier

Madeleine Chevrier is a Trame Vibrational Therapist, Reiki Master & Teacher, Level 2 Qi Gong practitioner, Muscle Activation Specialist with over 15 years of industry experience in holistic healing and rehabilitation.
After years of treating the body physically with Muscle Activation Techniques, Madeleine noticed that not all people found relief of their physical pain symptoms. After experiencing relief from her 15 year old knee problem as well as feeling calm for the first time since her trauma of years ago, she decided to study Trame Vibrational Therapy.
Madeleine now focuses on clients who would like to be resilient to stress, release past traumas, clear out blockages leading to depression and/or anxiety as well as heal deeply from pain in the body.
Madeleine has always had a mission of returning the body to its optimal state and facilitating that for clients is what gives her the most satisfaction and joy. Madeleine always knew that if you gave the body the right information, it could heal itself.
Madeleine was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and now resides in Uxbridge with her daughter Zoe. She practices in Aurora and Toronto.